Why use us?

Crystalised - Why Use Us? Because we are truly different.

Why use us? The answer is simple - Crystalised are experts in managing all aspects of your requirements. From a single screen shipment through to specifying, supporting and deploying whole site technical solutions. We work alongside Resellers advising and supporting to help achieve their End Users objectives. Using our decades of experience in the education sector, we understand the challenges and can provide a relevant list of recommendations.

Crystalised offer a range of services and solutions ranging from Consultancy, Pre-Sales Support, Audit and Solution Design through to Implementation, Training, Aftercare and Financing.

We work in partnership with many of the leading education and technology brands to give you the peace of mind that you are being supplied with the best possible products.

We Care About Education

At Crystalised we care about education and it's what makes us different from everybody else. From implementation to operation, we are committed to delivering the highest levels of service and support to ensure your End User enjoys a hassle free experience. It's not just about providing everyone with the right equipment - it's about ensuring staff have the confidence and skills to use the technology, by delivering continual service, training and support to give everyone the opportunity for a world-class education.


Crystalised works alongside Resellers with auditing schools to gain a clear picture of the challenges they need to overcome. This means that we can be a much more effective partner in helping you achieve the End Users ultimate goals. This understanding is the foundation upon which everything else is built so we attach a lot of importance to it.

Pre-Sales Support

We understand the need for reliable ICT that supports teaching and learning, not distract from it. Our team is on hand at every stage to provide guidance and advice on any aspect of the technology.


We evaluate technologies and produce a list of recommendations that your End Users can implement to enhance learning. Crystalised makes school management easier, helps maximise budgets and improve efficiency. Through proactive collaboration and an eye on their immediate and future needs, we work with you to create a solution that you can deliver for End Users to achieve their goals and priorities.

Solution Design

We understand that every school is different, so by taking the time to evaluate your End Users needs, we are able to design a customised ICT solution that is tailored to them. Through close collaboration and clear communication, we'll work with you to create a solution that will deliver against their outcomes and priorities. They just simply plug in.


Our staff are trained to manufacturer’s highest standards, which provide a fast and efficient comprehensive service to your End Users. We can deliver guaranteed levels of service, delivering ICT that just works. You enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a strong ICT foundation by partnering with Crystalised.


Crystalised believes in training. Our team of SMART authorised accredited trainers are able to deliver on-site sessions. This enables your End Users to fully benefit from their technology investment.


We are committed to growing and investing in our relationship with Resellers, taking the journey together. We pride ourselves on creating robust ICT solutions that deliver immediate benefits and provide strong foundations that can be built on over time with innovative technologies.


Enjoy the flexible payment options that we can provide for your End Users, making new systems more affordable and accessible. We work with you to ensure that your End Users succeed in their objectives and benefit from a strong return on investment.