VSign Software

Content management solution.

Whether you intend to manage content in-house or remotely via a third party service, Vestel offers the ultimate business solution with VSign Software. A scalable solution that fits a whole host of different requirements, VSign ensures that you can control many screens, using a wide range of features. Supported platforms include SoC, Windows, and Android OPS.

The benefits of VSign Software

Web-Based Service

With our fully web-based signage solution, you can access your management platform from anywhere and at any time. You can either implement the solution using your own servers or through those of a third party content management partner.

Media Support

We support most of the media that you’re likely to use and in a wide range of formats. With Vestel’s solution, you can access, display and run everything from images, videos and audio documents to RSS feeds, web pages and powerpoint files.

Multiple customized screens

Create and manage as many customized template designs as you like, assigning different content and scheduling times for each one of them.

Scheduling capability

Schedule specific content for a single screen or a larger campaign for multiple displays. You even have the option of priority scheduling for any time-sensitive messaging.

User groups

Manage your signage content more effectively and securely by creating different groups of users, each with its own permission levels for creating and scheduling your media.


Our system is compatible with multiple platforms, including Android, Windows and Linux and the System-on-Chips in our own monitors.