The 7000 series is the most advanced SMART Interactive Display yet, and includes exclusive iQ technology bringing devices, lesson content and software together for a cohesive educational experience.

Now available in a stunning 86″ format, the range includes the most advanced and exclusive features to help teachers and students collaborate with ease.

The series launched with the very popular 75″ size and was quickly enhanced by the addition of the 86″ model bringing image sharpness and clarity to a larger audience with increased workspace.
The 7000 is designed for whole class, small group and individual learning, and is the true pinnacle of the SMART Interactive Display experience.
The SMART Interactive Display’s built-in iQ technology puts everything you need in one place, available at the touch of a finger. There’s no need for wires and cables.
This all new SMART Interactive Display is the digital heart of interactive classroom experience, connecting SMART Interactive Displays and software, devices and vibrant imaginations. It helps students discover talents and passions, and teachers to promote student achievement in exciting new ways.
Industry-leading SMART Learning Suite software is also included.
The embedded computer offers one-touch access to SMART Learning Suite applications such as SMART Notebook® lessons, SMART lab™ activities and SMART amp™ workspaces.
There’s also access to collaboration tools, such as a digital white Interactive Display, built-in web browser and wireless screen sharing (iOS, Android and Microsoft devices).
The 7000 series delivers an all-in-one technology exclusive to SMART Interactive Displays, with a range of exclusive features including HyPr Touch™ technology that lets you write and touch with unparalleled precision and responsiveness, while automatically detecting the different pen tray tools.
And, there’s the innovative Pen ID™ function which enables writing in different colours with 4 pens, simultaneously.
Plus, 16 simultaneous touch, writing and eraser points on Windows® and Mac®
In short, as we said, the 7000 series is quite simply the most advanced SMART Interactive Display yet.
SMART Interactive Displays have received many safety, regulatory and environmental certifications, giving you peace of mind that the 7000 series adheres to government or other regulatory requirements.