SMART launches Classroom-as-a-Service with UK distributor Crystalised

Distributor will be the world’s first authorised partner for SMART’s Classroom-as-a-Service solution



SMART Technologies has signed a UK distribution agreement with Crystalised, making the distributor the first provider of its Classroom-as-a-Service (CLaaS) solution in the world.

The subscription-based CLaaS model provides schools with hardware, software and support paid for in monthly or quarterly payments.

The signing is the third in a month for the Crystalised management team, with sister company Utopia signing up Phillips and Array Networks in recent weeks.

Speaking about CLaaS, which is currently only available in the UK, Crystalised and Utopia managing director Steve McKeever said: “It’s about offering top-quality education solutions but making it affordable, and we see this as really valuable to schools.

“It’s going to be a focus for us and obviously it’s becoming the norm in other industries with subscription services so I think it’s a really innovative idea that will add value in the classrooms and give resellers a really good, renewable revenue stream.”

The agreement with SMART will be effective from the start of next month and is currently only available through Crystalised.

Jane Ashworth, UK managing director at SMART, said: “As a value added distributor with a significant amount of specialist experience, their solution approach seamlessly compliments our full portfolio which includes innovative touchscreen technologies, compelling software and comprehensive services.

“Crystalised will focus on building momentum of our SMART ClaaS offering that has been well received by customers seeking a more affordable way to procure. We believe resellers will find this programme truly beneficial as it helps to drive customer loyalty and optimise continued business.”

Having recently finalised agreements with three vendors for Crystalised and Utopia, McKeever added that both distributors will be looking to bolster their vendor portfolio over the coming months.

“We’ve already had one or two people come to us looking to add complementary products,” he said.

“There’s a whole range of products that can go alongside [our existing portfolios] and I really want to speak to the A brands so that we can offer a total quality service, but I want stuff that is complementary rather than competitive.

“The screen is one thing, but putting in hardware and software is dependent on connectivity [for example], and there are other peripheral devices that people need in there like iPads or tablets, and print products.”

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